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Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy

Dr. Mark Bishara uses PRF ( Platelet Rich Fibrin ) Therapy to accelerate healing during surgical procedures such as for dental implant placement, extractions and grafting for Guided Bone Regeneration/GBR. We can use PRF instead of foreign collagen material which is often made of bovine (cow) or porcine (pig) collagen.

Dr. Mark Bishara is a published author on the topic of PRF and its application in top dental magazines such as Dentistry Today. Here is the link to one of his articles: PRF Article

PRF TechnologyBowmanville Dentists

PRF is a fibrin matrix in which the growth factors platelets & cytokines & leucocytes are optimized as part of the healing process. PRF is prepared using your own blood at the time of surgery. Surgical sites filled with PRF show faster healing times and improved gum and bone healing. 

PRF is an evolution of the PRP procedure which is being used to help professional athletes recover faster from sports injuries.

Dr. Bishara is proud to be a leader in dental implant & grafting surgery by implementing this advanced technique into his surgical protocols to enable patients to heal faster and more comfortably.


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