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Metal Free Options

West Bowmanville Family Dental is proud to offer a metal free line of solutions for those that do not want any metal in their mouth.

At our office we have in office milling machine able to return crowns the same day. We use the IPS e.max System(lithium disilicate) and zirconia oxide which is a ceramic for crowns & bridges as well zirconia oxide CeraRoot dental implants to replace missing teeth.

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These metal free options are lightweight, do not bend, are non-corrosive, non conductive and do not stain.

Some of the advantages of zirconium include:

  • its naturally occuring in nature
  • Metal-free ceramic
  • Aesthetic, due to its white tooth-like color
  • More hygienic than metal options(does not stain)
  • Extremely strong
  • Biocompatible (does not cause allergies)
  • Readily accepted and integrated by the surrounding bone, leading to successful implants

In cases needing full mouth replacement, we use the Prettau dental implant bridge which can replace 12-14 teeth without any metal. Prettau® zirconia is highly resistant to stains, chips, and fractures, making it the ideal material for dental restorations meant to last a lifetime.

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We also offer non-metal orthodontic treatments that can straighten teeth using Invisalign BPA free aligners.

To find out more about our metal free options, set-up a consultation with Dr. Mark Bishara at 905-697-1118


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