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Teeth in a Day

West Bowmanville Family Dental is proud to be a part of Durham Dental Implant Solutions. We are one of three locations in the Durham region that is able to provide the “teeth in a day” procedure.

Patients that are missing all of their teeth in the upper or lower jaw can get a complete set of replacement teeth in a single visit thanks to the teeth in a day technique also known as All on 4 or “teeth in a day”. Although some offices may advertise only using four dental implants to support your new teeth, we will place as many dental implants as needed to ensure long term success for your case. This will be discussed during your consultation visit.

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Patients will benefit from a shorter post-surgical healing period.  Dental implants act by fusing to the jawbone and it prevents further jaw erosion that comes with regular denture use long term.  Often there is no need for bone grafts and the months of waiting with this procedure. The new set of teeth is secured using the dental implants allowing the patient to leave our office on the same visit with teeth.

After several months of healing, the transitional appliance which is made of acrylic or a strong material called PMMA is changed to a non removable fixed set of teeth made of porcelain. We use Prettau zirconia which is the most aesthetic, durable and stain resistant replacement option that exists on the market today. This will be discussed more with you during your free consultation visit.

Our team uses technology such as a CT scan to plan the surgery in advance.  All our office locations also use the iTero 3D digital impression system to work with the lab to design your prosthesis using Computer Aided Design (CAD). If you are ready for a change with teeth to stay, our staff members can educate on you on the process with a free consultation in office.


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