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What to Do If You Have Sensitive Teeth

Do you frequently pass on eating ice cream or hot and cold drinks, knowing that if you do indulge, it will make your teeth hurt? Perhaps even breathing in on a cold day is enough to make them twinge in pain? You may have sensitive teeth. It is essential to determine the reason for any sort of dental pain or discomfort with a visit to your dentist in Courtice, and once you know why, we can help you to find a solution.

What Can Cause Tooth Sensitivity?
Having teeth that feel too sensitive may be due to a variety of different reasons. Often, sensitive teeth are caused by enamel erosion. Usually, healthy teeth are covered with tooth enamel which is a hard, protective layer that prevents unwanted sensations from reaching the nerve endings in your teeth. One way this can occur is if you brush your teeth too hard.

Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard
When you clean your teeth, do you scrub them to get them thoroughly clean? It’s not necessary to do this, and you could be removing far more than just plaque and food debris. Brushing too hard or using a hard-bristled brush will wear away your tooth enamel and your gums. Instead, when you brush your teeth choose a soft bristled brush that won’t damage your teeth or gums and brush gently as it is more about using the right technique. Ask us for help and advice if you are unsure.

Sensitive Teeth Might Be Due to Your Diet
Sugary foods cause cavities, but acidic foods and drinks can have the same effect, for example, diet soda, foods that are very vinegary, and beverages like white wine. The result is worse if you snack on these foods or sip them slowly over a long period. The longer your teeth are exposed to acid, the worse the damage. When you do eat or drink something acidic or high in sugar, wait at least half an hour before cleaning your teeth. This gives your tooth enamel a chance to strengthen before brushing.

Do You Clench and Grind Your Teeth?
Oral habits such as clenching or grinding your teeth, a problem called bruxism, can gradually wear away your tooth enamel. In the worst-case, your teeth may even look shorter than before, and their biting edges will be chipped, thinner and quite fragile. Bruxism can be enormously destructive, but our dentist in Newcastle can quickly diagnose this problem. Often, it’s treated successfully with a custom-made night guard that fits comfortably over your upper teeth, preventing contact while you sleep.

Over Bleaching Your Teeth
Overusing teeth whitening products can cause sensitive teeth, and it’s one reason why we suggest professional teeth whitening in Clarington which is safe and highly effective. Instead of using harsh and often quite ineffective over-the-counter products, we can use professional strength teeth whitening gels to get the results you desire without causing harm or unwanted sensitivity.

Untreated Dental Problems
Any untreated dental problems like a cracked tooth, gum disease or tooth decay can all cause tooth sensitivity. A visit to our dentist here at West Bowmanville Family Dental will diagnose any dental problems, and of course, we can provide the most suitable treatment.

Treating Tooth Sensitivity
In addition to mending damaged teeth or treating other dental issues, other procedures that can help include desensitizing pastes or fluoride gel, or using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. These types of toothpaste must be used for several weeks as the effect is cumulative, and before you begin using toothpaste for sensitive teeth, it’s crucial to get a proper diagnosis.

Instead of putting up with tooth sensitivity and pain, contact us to discover how we can help you.

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