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What is the recovery like for dental implants?

We often get asked about the recovery period for dental implant procedures in Bowmanville. In general , a dental implant procedure is often easier than having a tooth removed ! The jawbone itself has very few nerve endings. Most patients only need Advil or Tylenol after the procedure.

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We take great care in ensuring the procedure is performed with as little trauma as possible. The number of dental implants placed by your implant dentist and technique will be big determining factors in how much pain there is after and the recovery period.

Most patients at our office use a combination of oral sedative(sleeping pill) and/or laughing gas and this works quite well in making them comfortable. With full sleep dentistry as an option, patients will never remember any of the procedure!

At our Bowmanville dental office, we often perform large procedures in which 8-10 dental implants are placed at the same time and there are many ways to make this comfortable including our training in using PRF.

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