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Refresh Your Smile with Regular Dental Hygiene Appointments

Our regular patients will know we strongly encourage people to book dental cleanings here at West Bowmanville Family Dental. We recommend these appointments even for people whose dental health is excellent because we know that even the most beautiful smile needs regular professional preventative care. Most people need to see a hygienist in Newcastle every six months in addition to twice-daily brushing and once-a-day flossing.

Why Regular Brushing and Flossing Is Only Part of the Story
When you brush and floss your teeth regularly, it helps to maintain good oral health. The idea is to remove the maximum amount of plaque and food debris from your teeth and gums each day, and before it can damage your oral health. It’s a preventative care routine that must be done regularly and meticulously because dental plaque is a sticky biofilm that builds up over tooth surfaces every day and which contains harmful bacteria. Without good oral care, plaque soon hardens into tartar, a substance that is only removable during regular professional dental cleanings.

Even if you brush your teeth thoroughly and floss every day without fail, you will most likely miss out some areas of your mouth, allowing tartar or calculus to build up gradually. When tartar remains on your tooth surfaces, the bacteria within it produce toxins that infect and inflame your gums. Tartar also makes it easier for plaque to build up. A hygiene treatment will remove plaque and tartar buildup thoroughly, helping to prevent gum disease and making it easier for you to maintain a healthy, disease-free mouth.

Get a Super Clean Smile with a Hygiene Appointment
Having your teeth cleaned professionally is the most effective way to get a super, clean smile and beautifully fresh breath. Your hygienist uses special instruments to gently yet thoroughly remove all plaque and tartar buildup, but a hygiene appointment can do much more to help improve and maintain a healthy mouth.

Keeping Your Teeth and Gums Disease Free
In addition to cleaning your teeth, your hygienist may use a special tool called a periodontal probe to measure any gaps in between your teeth and gums. Healthy teeth and gums naturally have a gap that can be up to 3 mm deep, but if you have any deeper spaces this could be a sign of gum disease, and especially if gently probing the gums makes them bleed. Your hygienist records all these measurements, and they are compared at your next visit. If they have any concerns about your gum health, the hygienist will liaise with your dentist in Clarington to decide on the best treatment. Often the very first signs of gum disease are treated by having your teeth cleaned professionally and by improving your oral care routine at home. This is another area where your hygienist can help you!

Improving Your Oral Care Routine
If you haven’t done so already, you’ll find your Courtice hygienist has a wealth of dental knowledge, including how to brush and floss more effectively. As your hygienist cleans your teeth and assesses your gum health, they can identify areas that might need a little more love and can show you how and where you need to clean your teeth more thoroughly. No matter how good your current routine, it can never hurt to learn about new techniques or tools that could help you. If needed, they can also provide other preventative care treatments such as professional fluoride applications to strengthen teeth and reduce your risk of cavities.

Regular dental hygiene appointments are such an easy and cost-effective way to maintain excellent oral health and to ensure your smile always looks its best. Are you due for a professional dental cleaning? Contact our office today and refresh your smile.

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