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How to Overcome Dental Anxieties

If you experience fears or anxieties about the thought of seeing a dentist in Newcastle, you’re not alone. Many people have some anxiety about dental checkups, even those have only ever had good experiences. It’s a problem because you know how important regular dental examinations are for your dental health, and for your general health. The good news is that dental anxiety can be overcome, but it’s important to choose a dentist who takes the time to listen to you and to acknowledge your fears.

Common anxieties include fear of needles, a dislike or fear of the dental drill, fear of pain, and embarrassment about having bad teeth.

Fear of Needles
Feeling fearful about having injections isn’t confined to dentistry as many people experience this fear when seeing a medical professional. You can rest assured that we use highly effective numbing gel before giving an injection. The injection is administered using techniques to ensure it is as comfortable as possible.

Fear of the Dental Drill
We know the sound of the dental drill can have negative associations for some people, but please remember that you will be numbed before the drill is used. You shouldn’t experience any pain at all, and if you prefer to block out the sound, you can always listen to some music. Don’t forget that all you need do is raise your hand to take a break at any time during treatment and of course, we will regularly check that you are okay.

Embarrassment About Having Bad Teeth
People with dental anxieties find it difficult to visit a dentist regularly and so are more likely to have untreated dental problems. Often, they will only see an emergency dentist in Bowmanville when in a great deal of pain and discomfort. If this sounds familiar, you needn’t worry or feel embarrassed as we are here to help you! We see dental problems and can help restore your dental health and your smile!

Fear of Pain
Numbing gels and high-quality anesthetics ensure you will not feel any discomfort during your treatment. Some people find deep breathing techniques are helpful for learning to relax, and we can also provide sedation dentistry in Clarington.

When to Choose Sedation Dentistry
Sedation dentistry is perfect for anybody with deep-seated fears or anxieties and will help you relax while you receive your treatment comfortably. It’s a good solution if you require complicated or lengthier procedures, ensuring you feel completely calm and relaxed. We can provide oral conscious sedation and IV conscious sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation
Oral conscious sedation is provided as an oral sedative which you just need to take before your appointment. By the time you’re sitting comfortably in the dental chair, you will already feel relaxed. If needed, the effects of the oral sedative can be enhanced with laughing gas or nitrous oxide.

IV Conscious Sedation
This form of sedation is much deeper and is provided intravenously throughout your appointment. Although you’ll still be able to respond to our dental team, you will feel completely relaxed, and you may even fall asleep. This is why this form of sedation dentistry is sometimes called twilight dentistry or sleep dentistry in Courtice. Usually, people receiving IV sedation will remember very little, if anything about the appointment and it may seem as if only moments have passed.

Our experienced and friendly dental team here at West Bowmanville Family Dental frequently help people who have dental anxieties, and we are fully confident we can help you too! Please make sure you talk to us about your concerns before your appointment so we can work with you to provide any treatment required in a way that is comfortable and non-threatening.

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