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How long do dental implants take?

We often get patients asking about how long dental implants take. By that we mean, what is the healing time until they can receive a new tooth! Bone in our mouth heals at different rate depending on the area of the mouth. The top jaw is like a sponge and is very porous, meaning it takes longer to heal than the lower jaw which is more dense and heals faster.

What is an “immediate dental implant?” This is a dental implant that is placed in the area at the same time of tooth removal. Some implants are quick and can be placed in under an hour while certain situations require months of healing depending on the jaw bone condition. We often will provide patients with a temporary during the healing period so you can smile with confidence until your final teeth are ready. Estimates for treatment time will be given to you at your consultation visit.

Traditional dental implants are completed in two stages. We place the dental implant which is left for a typical period of three to six months until it fuses with the jaw bone. The alternative to this process is placing the dental implant and providing a temporary supported tooth on top if the right conditions are met. This depends on health, number of teeth missing and which teeth are being replaced.

Temporary teeth can be placed on top of the dental implant at the same day of surgery. We are proud to be a few select practices that can remove a back tooth, and replace with a dental implant on the same day ! This is very technique sensitive and we have taken many hours of training to be able to provide this service to our Bowmanville,Whitby and Brooklin patients.

“Immediate Loading” refers to the process of placing the temporary tooth on top of the dental implant on the same day as tooth removal ! If the right criteria is met we can do this for you, otherwise the typical wait for three to six months after dental implant placement is necessary.

Below is a case we performed where we removed the broken molar teeth , placed the dental implants at the same time of tooth removal and restored the area with two brand new porcelain crowns  three months later. This technique sensitive procedure would normally involve teeth removal, bone grafting, waiting 4-6 months , placement of the dental implant and waiting again for 4-6 months. We are able to provide this service to decrease cost , time and number of surgeries for our patients !

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1)Two broken teeth at the gum

dental implant bowmanville

2)Dental implants placed at the same time of teeth removal

dental implant bowmanville 2

3)Two brand new porcelain crowns three months later

dental implant bowmanville 3

4)Two brand new porcleain crowns three months later

dental implant bowmanville 4

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