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Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridge – Which One Better for You?

For the last thirty years,  the dental implant replacement option has come to its rise. The missing or the extracted teeth is the common concern of the infection, but having a proper replacement of it is the main concern to acquire a beautiful smile. West Bowmanville Family Dental can help give you a natural-looking teeth and a stunning smile that last.

With manifolds of dental procedures done to beautify your teeth, perhaps you come to realize the importance of choosing the right one. Many people opt to have a dental implant, but often ask how this thing differs to the dental bridge. On this post, we will find out the difference between the dental implant and dental bridge and see which is one is better for you.

Practical Reasons for Dental Implants and Dental Bridge

Previously, the dental bridge is just an option and it still involves more than just a missing tooth. Your adjacent teeth have to be “prepped” by effectively removing the enamels so the bridge can be fabricated. While with the dental implant of Bowmanville, the dentist is just replacing a single damaged tooth so it can become permanent and stronger.

Nonetheless, the dental bridge can be your option if some of your neighboring teeth have a larger filing and needing caps or crowns in the future. However, if your tooth is lost for a longer time, the bone and the gum will have receded, so the procedure beyond a dental implant is effectively required before the placement.

Each dental operation has their advantages and disadvantages. Feel free to discuss it with your dentist before taking any procedure.

Routine for Oral Care in Both Procedure

With a dental implant from Bowmanville, you can have an optimum ability to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. The dental bridges, on the other hand, are fixed or cemented and it involves at least 3 crowns, which are connected together in order to fill the spaces pf the missing tooth. When flossing or brushing, the design of the bridge can create a challenge to you, so it is crucial to have a thorough cleaning to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

However, the dental implants can effectively replace a single tooth without needing to affect the other teeth, which can make your regular dental home care successful. And the same with the natural teeth, you can floss and brush the implanted tooth naturally. This can be a great advantage if you are very meticulous about the health of your teeth and mouth.

So, perhaps it is clear that dental bridge is the better option when dental hygiene or oral cleaning is increasingly needed.

Durability of Dental Implants and Dental Bridge

Ten years is the average life of the bridge. The portion of the natural teeth remain beneath them and a normal wear can cause the bridge to fail easily over time. While the dental implant procedure of Bowmanville can give you more durability, allowing to give your teeth a protection that truly lasts. This is made possible by the titanium and this material is fused with the jawbone naturally with a process called Osseointegration. With this material, the tooth can be more resistant to decays and gum problems.

So, which one you think is better? Perhaps after reading this article, you have already made a decision before going to Bowmanville’s dentist. Consider West Bowmanville Family Dental as the best Bowmanville Dental clinic for your dental implant solutions

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