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What are the Choices for Replacing a Front Tooth?

Losing any teeth is distressing, but it can seem worse when it is a highly visible front tooth. Luckily, there are several solutions, so no matter your needs or budget, we can make sure your smile and your ability to eat comfortably is soon restored. Your choices include a denture, dental bridge or a dental implant.
A one-tooth denture or dental flipper is the most cost-effective solution for restoring a missing front tooth. It is also the least invasive treatment which can be appealing for anyone with dental anxieties or phobias. A one-tooth denture has a gum-coloured acrylic base that rests on the gums, and it supports the denture tooth. The range of denture teeth is enormous, and our dentist in Bowmanville can help you choose a tooth that will blend in beautifully with your existing teeth.

Despite the ease of treatment, a one-tooth denture is frequently regarded as a temporary measure, to be used while the gum heals and until you decide on a longer-term solution. A dental flipper isn’t as strong and stable as other options, and it can be relatively fragile so you would need to watch what you eat.

Dental Bridge
A dental bridge is supported by your natural teeth on either side of the gap. These teeth, called abutment teeth are ground down and covered with crowns that are attached to the replacement tooth. The bridge is permanently fitted in the mouth, so you can eat and talk confidently.

A dental bridge in Courtice is a great solution but bear in mind that the abutment teeth must be substantially reshaped, and they will always need protecting with crowns in the future. It could be a good treatment choice if the abutment teeth could benefit from being crowned, perhaps because they have large fillings, substantial decay or damage. Also, you will need to clean around the abutment teeth and underneath the replacement tooth thoroughly to keep your gums healthy and strong.

Dental Implant
A dental implant artificially replaces the entire tooth, including the tooth root with a small post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. This may sound a little dramatic, but the surgery required is quite short so don’t let the thought deter you. Many people are comfortable with just a local anesthetic although sedation dentistry in Newcastle is another solution for anyone who feels a little nervous. Dental implant treatment might take a little longer to complete, and the initial cost may seem a bit higher than the other options, but it is a long-term solution. With the correct care, you could be enjoying your dental implant for many years to come.

The benefit of having a dental implant in Clarington is that the post gradually bonds or fuses with the jawbone and this provides an extremely strong anchorage point for the implant crown that is fitted onto the post. Once the crown is in place, it is tricky to tell that it isn’t your real tooth because instead of resting on the gums, the implant crown emerges from your gum tissue, just like a real front tooth. Another advantage of having a dental implant is its protective effect on your jawbone. Because the implant post so closely replicates an actual tooth root, it provides a similar level of stimulation to the surrounding bone, ensuring the bone remains strong. This prevents bone resorption that naturally takes place when real tooth roots are removed.

How to Choose?
When you visit West Bowmanville Family Dentistry, our dentist can examine your mouth and will talk to you about your medical and dental history to determine which solutions might suit you best to replace your front tooth. They can discuss each option more thoroughly, explaining the costs, the time required and possible benefits for your specific needs.

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