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Missing a Single Tooth? Five Reasons for Choosing Dental Implants

Lots of people have already lost a single tooth or know that one of their teeth has begun to fail and that it might not be possible to save it. When you lose even just one tooth, it is crucial to replace it. Otherwise, it could negatively impact your remaining teeth.

Here at West Bowmanville Family Dental, we fully understand that any tooth loss is upsetting which is why removing a tooth is always the last possible option to be suggested by our dentist. When someone is facing tooth loss, then we will always sit down with them to discuss suitable options for its replacement. While dental bridges are one choice, the most modern solution is to choose dental implants in Courtice. Listed below are five reasons why dental implants are worth considering.

1.    Dental Implants Protect Your Jawbone
Even when you lose a single tooth, it will affect your jawbone, and over time the bone that used to surround your natural tooth root will gradually resorb. As it resorbs, it can destabilize the teeth adjacent to the gap, but if you choose to have a dental implant, this bone loss is prevented.

2.    Dental Implants Protect Your Natural Teeth
When you replace a single tooth with a dental bridge, then our dentist in Newcastle will have to grind down the teeth either side of the gap (abutment teeth) as these must be crowned to form the dental bridge. A replacement tooth is attached to the crowns, forming a three-unit or three-tooth bridge. Crowning these teeth might be desirable if they have quite large fillings or have suffered significant decay or trauma. If these teeth are healthy, strong and well-shaped, then it’s a shame to have to grind them down because it’s necessary to remove healthy tooth structure that can only ever be artificially replaced. When you have a single dental implant, these healthy abutment teeth are protected. The implant-supported tooth helps to ensure the teeth either side cannot move out of position and the pressure created during biting and chewing is more evenly spread.

3.    A Single Dental Implant Is Potentially More Cost-Effective
Initially, the cost of having a single dental implant may seem a little higher than having a three-unit or three-tooth bridge. However, at some point, your restoration will need to be replaced regardless of whether you choose a bridge or an implant-supported tooth. At this stage replacing a single implant crown will be more cost-effective than replacing a three-tooth bridge.

4.    A Single Dental Implant Looks Very Natural
When choosing how to replace a single missing tooth, it’s likely you’ll want the most natural looking restoration that’s available. With an implant-supported tooth, you will achieve this aim because it should look exactly like a real tooth and will be surrounded by nicely shaped gum tissue. Although a dental bridge will also look very good, the bridge tooth will rest on the gums so it’s slightly different from having an implant tooth where it will emerge from your gums.

5.    Dental Implants Can Last for Years
Dental implants have now been in use for decades and have been thoroughly researched. We now know that if you look after your dental implants in Clarington, they could last for many years or even for life.
If you have a gap in your smile, these are just a few of the reasons for considering dental implants in Bowmanville. Once you have a consultation with our dentist, you may even discover a few more. Dental implants are an exciting treatment that can make your tooth loss worries a thing of the past.

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