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Comparing Dentures with Implant-Supported Dentures

Conventional dentures can replace multiple missing teeth, or entire arches of teeth. Lots of people choose dentures because the procedure to fabricate them is straightforward and doesn’t require any type of surgery. Dentures have an acrylic gum coloured base that supports the denture teeth. These days, the range of denture teeth available is enormous!

Enjoy Having Custom-Made Dentures That Look and Feel Great
Here at West Bowmanville Family Dental, we are highly experienced in providing well-fitting dentures, custom-designed to deliver excellent aesthetics and which provide good functionality. Before we design your denture, our dentist in Newcastle will spend some time with you to understand your aims and desires for treatment. Your denture is constructed to ensure your facial muscles are correctly supported, preventing that collapsed-in appearance that is quite common after tooth loss but can be prematurely ageing. We take the time to ensure the correct type of teeth are selected to suit your gender, skin tone, facial features and even your personality. Most importantly, we will do everything possible to ensure your dentures feel comfortable to wear. Initially, after your dentures are fitted, you may need some minor adjustments a week or so afterward, just to ensure they feel entirely comfortable and secure.

After you have worn dentures in Clarington for a few years, you will notice the fit begins to change which is inevitable because your jawbone changes shape after tooth loss. Relining the fitting surface of the denture can help the denture to fit more securely, or it might be time to remake the denture entirely. However, if you begin to think you’d like a different sort of treatment, implant-supported dentures could be a solution.

Implant-Supported Dentures
Implant-supported dentures are also removable dental appliances that look just like ordinary dentures, but there is one crucial difference. Instead of resting on the gums, implant dentures have special attachments on the fitting surface of the denture and which clip onto dental implants in your jawbone. Once the denture is clipped into position, it cannot move so even if your jawbone has substantially changed shape, your denture will still fit securely.  Having a denture that feels secure makes it much easier to enjoy favourite foods, and you’ll find you have much more confidence when talking with others because you know your denture cannot move a millimetre. The denture is easily removed whenever you wish to clean it and for regular maintenance.

The nice thing about an implant-supported denture is that often relatively few dental implants are needed to hold the denture securely in place. Also, the dental implants are frequently inserted towards the front of the mouth because the bone in this area is stronger and thicker and more able to support the implants without the need for bone grafting.

What about the Surgery?
A small surgical procedure is needed to insert the dental implants, but the surgery required is likely to be far quicker and smoother than you’d ever imagined. Our Bowmanville dental implant dentists use computer-guided implant surgery which helps to ensure a more comfortable experience while making sure the dental implants are inserted into precisely the right locations.

If you do wear dentures or know you need a denture in the future, but are interested in the prospect of denture implants, it’s worth talking to your dentist about this solution. Even if you do feel a little nervous about surgery, there is always sleep dentistry in Courtice, which will help you to feel relaxed and comfortable while you receive your new, secure denture implants.

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